Peace Corps Links

Peace Corps – Official website of US Peace Corps

Peace Corps Passport – Official Blog of US Peace Corps

Future Peace Corps Volunteers –  A Facebook group for people interested in, applying for, serving in, or have served in the Peace Corps. Lots of questions answered.

Peace Corps Reddit – Reddit page for PCVs, Future PCVs, and RPCVs. Great resource!

Peace Corps Volunteer Discounts – Part of the Peace Corps Wiki, but a great resource for future volunteers trying to prepare for their service. Many companies offer discounts similar to military for PCVs. I also found that often if I told someone in the store I was shopping for Peace Corps they would extend the military discount to me. The worst they can say is no!

Peace Corps Forum – A series of forums for people in every stage of involvement with PC

National Peace Corps Association – Nonprofit organization that supports PCVs

Friends of Jordan – Nonprofit organization/network of RPCVs, former staff, and others who have an interest in supporting Jordan, educating Americans about Jordan, and supporting Peace Corps efforts in Jordan.

Friends of Colombia – Nonprofit organization/network of RPCVs, former staff, and others who have an interest in supporting Colombia, educating Americans about Colombia, and supporting Peace Corps efforts in Colombia.

Travel Resources

Eagle Creek – I  discovered Eagle Creek packing solutions while working on my MA with Webster. I am hooked! They offer great ideas for keeping your things organized while you travel. I have packing envelopes, cubes, and sacs. I swear by them.

Rough Guides – hands down my favorite travel guides. Written for students with a tight budget, they just seem to get it. I always recommend them now. I still like have having paper travel guides that I can bookmark, circle, check mark. The nice thing too is there is usually a lot of context. So, in Italy when you’re looking at Saint Mark’s Square, it has information about the facade and the history of the building. I appreciate that a lot.

Lonely Planet – One of the best travel guide writing companies, but the website is also a great resource, especially the forum. I have found, many of the questions I have had are not special or unique, and have been answered in the forums already!

TripAdvisor – Great for user reviews.

Photography Related

Digital Photography Review aka. DPReview – as a tech head, I find this website completely addicting. They give the best, most thorough reviews of the latest cameras, lenses, and accessories, without the bias that I sometimes find on other websites or in product review magazines. This was my go-to website for research when I was selling cameras.

Canon U.S.A – Because really, who shoots with a Nikon??

Gary Fong – This man never ceases to amaze me with the useful crap he comes up with! He’s most known for clearing out his Tupperware cabinet, putting them on a flash, and essentially creating the best flash diffusers that cost four times the cost of the Tupperware. If you do not own the PUFFER by now…you better get one!

BH Photo – NY Based Photography Superstore!

Adorama – Another NY based photography store!

PhotoJoJo – A lot of fun gift ideas for the photographer in your family. Also has a lot of iPhone photography tools if that is your flavor.



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